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Vyana Vata – Vital Circulatory Energy

by Julie Wardwell August 03, 2023


Vyana vata is one among the five types of vata dosha that circulates throughout the body. It’s responsible for circulating and distributing blood, air, nutrients, nerve signals, and hormones that directs all functions. The word Vyana in Sanskrit means “outward moving”, which indicates vyana vata moves from the center of the body to the peripheral, this includes all brain activity.

Prana is our life force that flows throughout our entire body through the 72,000 Nadis or energy channels. The movement of circulating prana is made possible through Vyana Vata and is responsible for circulating blood, nutrients, hormones, nerve signals, and the movement of fluids through the lymphatic system.

Vyana vata is associated with the water element and has similar qualities to flowing water. Vyana Vata moves throughout the body and does not have a specific location, although the flow of movement does originate from the heart.

Vyana Vata Healthy Balanced State

Circulation is the major function of vyana vata which delivers all nutrients, water, and blood to all parts of the body. Circulation is supported by the contraction and pumping of the heart which is also governed by vyana vata. Everything that moves or circulating is because of vyana vata.

Healthy Functions of Vyana Vata

  • Circulates blood, nutrients and hormones throughout the body
  • Voluntary movement walking, running, talking, etc.
  • Involuntary movement of yawning, blinking, sneezing, etc.
  • Process of eliminating ama, toxins or waste
  • Segregating the digestible and indigestible foods
  • Sweat production
  • Movement of reproductive fluids and conception

Vyana vata circulates throughout our bodies and any disturbance can cause a vitiation or imbalance of the flow of movement.

Symptoms of Vyana Vata Imbalance

  • Sluggish circulation
  • Delayed or loss of nerve stimulation 
  • Loss of taste or appetite, malnutrition
  • Chronic skin disorders
  • Lack of coordination, tremors, loss of mobility
  • High blood pressure and/or cholesterol
  • Inability to communicate or depressed state of mind 
  • Difficulty focusing or scattered mind
  • Low energy and immunity

Herbal Products that Balance Vyana Vata

HT Kot balances vata dosha, helps nourish and strengthen blood vessels and the heart, and calms inflammation.

Arjuna Arishtam helps balance all three doshas, The main ingredient Arjuna, is a well-known herbal tonic that helps support overall heart health, circulation, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Its herbal tonic qualities help to promote stronger energy levels.

Punarnavadi Kwatham balances Pitta and Vata dosha, supports for urinary system and liver health, removes excess water from the body.

Punarnava Asavam balances all three doshas, the main herb is punaranava which supports liver and kidney detox, and eases swelling and inflammation.


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Julie Wardwell
Julie Wardwell

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