Healthy Hair With Ayurveda

Healthy Hair With Ayurveda

by Julie Wardwell July 07, 2023


Who doesn’t love long, thick, shiny, healthy hair? Healthy hair is often indicative of good health in other aspects of the body and mind. The ancient science of Ayurveda thinks healthy hair is so important, in fact, it has its own term: keshya. Keshya means that which is good for healthy hair.

Healthy Hair Has Three Components

  1. Kesha Sanjanana: ingredients that promote strong bones, nails and hair.
  2. Kesha Vardhan: ingredients that promote hair growth and thickness.
  3. Kesha Ranjana: ingredients that help maintain dark hair color

Ayurveda recognizes several conditions that indicate unhealthy hair, khalitya (hair loss), palitya (premature gray hair) and indralupta (sudden hair loss with bald patches).

Khalitya or hair loss begins with an aggravated vata dosha that is also aggravating pitta, rakta (blood), and kapha. This combination of doshic aggravation causes kapha dosha to block the hair shaft and eventually there is permanent hair loss. 

Palitya or premature gray hair affects the hair follicle and causes palitya (gray hair). When pitta is aggravated it’s hot, sharp, and penetrating qualities damage the hair follicle.

Indralupta or sudden patchy hair loss that causes bald patches is caused by krimi (microscopic pathogens) that impact the scalp.

Relationship between Hair and Bone Health

The decrease in quality and/or quantity of bone tissue can lead to various conditions of depletion that also affects the health of teeth, hair and nails. Visible signs of bone depletion can be examined through the health of teeth, hair, and nails.

  • loss of scalp or body hair, beard, nails and teeth
  • fatigue or loss of strength
  • loose joints
  • pain in bones
  • dry skin
  • breaking of teeth and nails

Products that Nourish Healthy Hair

Nilibhringadi Oil contains fresh plant juices from bhringaraj, true indica and amla, as well as nourishing milks. These ingredients stimulate the hair follicles by increasing the blood circulation at the root of the hair follicle.

This oil also has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which helps destroy krimi or microscopic pathogens which damage the hair follicle and lead to patchy bald spots.

Nilibhringadi Oil is prepared with both sesame and coconut oil. The preparation based on coconut oil is called Nilibhringadi Coconut Hair Oil and the preparation based on sesame oil is called Nilibhringadi Sesame Hair Oil

Benefits of Nilibhringadi Hair Oil

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Strengthens roots
  • Increases shine
  • Slows premature hair graying
  • Helps relieve dandruff and itchiness
  • Helps calm the mind for deeper sleep

Keshyam Oil balances both vata and pitta, the main herbs are bhringaraj and amalaki which supports and nourishes healthy hair and scalp. Read our article Shiroabhyangam Head Oil Massage to learn more about applying hair oil.

Products that Support Bone Health

Gandha Oil 10ml dropper and Gandha Oil SoftGel Capsule balances vata dosha, nourishes the bones and supports the skeletal system. When bone health is strengthened so is the health of teeth, hair and nails.  


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Julie Wardwell
Julie Wardwell

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