Udana Vata – Vital Expression Energy

Udana Vata – Vital Expression Energy

by Julie Wardwell August 17, 2023


Udana vata is the “ascending air” or the energy that is moving upwards and its located in the upper chest, throat and nasal area. Udana vata is responsible for directing energy from the lower to higher consciousness and is where all expressions originate. It governs our ability to express thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Udana vata is connected to the element akasha, which represents space or ether. This element exists as the space between all the other elements of air, fire, water, and earth. Udana vata moves upward toward the head where our mind exists. This is the place where we feel calm, peaceful, and connected to spirit, it is the place we go during meditation or while dreaming.

Physically, Udana vata governs exhalation from the lungs, speech, and the thyroid and parathyroid glands. These glands are for directing all metabolic functions, especially the nervous system.

Healthy Functions of Udana Vata

Udana vata works in conjunction with the other vayu and helps support the best expression our minds and bodies have to offer. On its own, udana vata is responsible for speech, articulation, pronunciation, tone of voice, and singing.

  • Udana combines with prana and samana to form the energy to speak and the intellect to produce thoughts.
  • Udana combines with prana and vyana to produce energy, immunity, and endurance to perform all activities.
  • Udana combines with prana and vyana to produce healthy functioning heart and lungs that circulates blood and oxygen to all cells.  
  • Udana combines with prana to govern activities of the mind, memory, intellect, and processing thoughts and information.

Symptoms of Udana Vata Imbalance

Most physical symptoms of imbalance are related to the upper chest, throat, and nasal area and symptoms relating to mental health.

  • Speech difficulties, lack of self-expression
  • Difficulties with the throat, hoarseness and swallowing 
  • Disorders related to the thyroid and parathyroid glands
  • Shortness of breath, allergies, asthma  
  • Uncoordinated movement, loss of balance
  • Depression or negative attitude
  • Poor memory, scattered thoughts, and forgetfulness  
  • Low self-esteem, goals, willpower, enthusiasm

Herbal Products that Balance Udana Vata


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Julie Wardwell
Julie Wardwell

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