Lehams: Herbal Jams

Lehams: Herbal Jams

by Kottakkal Support September 22, 2023


Lehams are a jam like semi-solid preparation of churnams (herbal powders) which are combined with honey, ghee, jaggery and sugar. The process of adding honey, ghee, and jaggery actually preserves the churnams and extends the shelf life up to three years. Lehams are also called electuaries, avlehams and rasayanas.

Lehams and Rasayanas

Rasayana is a Sanskrit word comprised of two words, Rasa means the best or finest nutrient dense body fluids and Ayana means ongoing or circulating. Rasayana refers to the ongoing circulation of nutrient dense fluids that are nourishing all seven dhatus or body tissues. When all seven body tissues are nourished the best essence produces a vital fluid called Ojas which is our vitality, immunity and longevity.

Rasayana Herbs for Nourishing the Seven Dhatus or Body Tissues

  1. Rasa Dhatu - Nourishing fluid = Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi)
  2. Rakta Dhatu - Blood = Piper longum (Long pepper)
  3. Mamsa Dhatu - Muscles = Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari)
  4. Meda Dhatu - Adipose tissue = Terminalia chebula (Haritaki)
  5. Asthi Dhatu - Bones = Commifora mukul (Guggulu)
  6. Majja Dhatu - Marrow and nerves = Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi)
  7. Shukra Dhatu - Sperm and ovum = Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)

Rasayana therapy enhances health and longevity and helps improve memory, intellect, youthfulness, skin luster and complexion and softness of voice. The overall strength of the body and sense organs is increased. Rasayana therapy is indicated when there is exhaustion, lassitude and emaciation and helps to restore balance to the doshas, relieve muscle weakness, and kindles internal digestion. The persons absolute best health can be restored when Rasayana therapy is properly administered.  

Available Lehams and Rasayanas

Agastya Rasayanam

Agastya Rasayanam contains the herb haritaki and helps balance kapha dosha, supports the respiratory system and healthy heart, helps remove excess mucus and eases breathing.

Brahma Rasayanam

Brahma Rasayanam contains the herbal formula dasamula (ten roots) and helps to balance vata dosha, nourishes the nervous system and brain, improves memory, sleep, and lowers stress.


Chyavanaprasam balances all three doshas, especially kapha dosha, the main herb amalaki rejuvenates all 7 dhatus (body tissues), supports coughs and lung health, helps to increase weight, and promotes healthy skin and hair.

Dantiharitaki Leham

Dantiharithaki Leham balances pitta and vata dosha, the main herbs are haritaki and danti, removes ama from the liver and spleen, mildly improves bowel movements, and reduces swelling due to kleda and inflammation.

Dasamula Rasayanam

Dasamula Rasayanam contains the dasamula (ten roots) which helps balance vata and kapha dosha, supports respiratory system by reducing excess mucus, helps lower inflammation from joints, and supports healthy muscles and nerves.

Dasamulaharitaki Leham

Dasamulaharitaki Leham balances vata and kapha dosha, the main herbs are dasamula and haritaki which helps reduce swelling and inflammation of the joints, remove ama from the liver, and promotes healthy bowel movements.

Hingutriguna Leham

Hingutriguna Leham contains the herb hing which balances vata dosha, lowers gas, bloating, and pain from the digestive system.

Mridwikadi Leham

Mridwikadi Leham contains the herb draksha which balances both pitta and vata dosha, helps lower excess heat from the body, improves elimination of stool, supports strength and stamina, and reduces fatigue.

Narasimha Rasayanam

Narasimha Rasayanam balances all three doshas, the main herb is khadira, rejuvenates all 7 dhatus (body tissues), supports healthy skin, hair and nail, helps support healthy weight loss, improves muscle strength, supports intelligence, and helps reduce early gray hair.

Parushakadi Leham

Parushakadi Leham contains the herb Parushaka which balances pitta dosha, helps lower stomach acid and burning sensation, and balance agni or digestive fire.

Puli Leham

Puli Leham contains garlic which helps balance both vata and pitta dosha, supports post-delivery health, and helps balance the menstrual cycle.

Punarnava Manduram

Punarnava Manduram balances both kapha and pitta dosha, the main herb is punarnava and also contains iron, supports healthy blood, removes ama from the liver and spleen, improves digestion and promotes healthy bowel movements, reduces swelling and inflammation.


Shatavarigulam contains the herb shatavari which balances both pitta and vata dosha, supports female reproductive system, balances female hormones, and lowers fatigue and tiredness.

Sukumara Leham

Sukumara Leham balances vata and pitta dosha, the main ingredients are dashamula and punarnava, supports female reproductive health, helps healthy bowel movements, appetite and digestion.

Trivril Leham

Trivril Leham balances both pitta and vata dosha, the main herb is trivrit which supports healthy bowel movements, helps to remove ama from the liver and digestive tract.

Vanasuranadi Leham

Vanasuranadi Leham contains the herb wild surana and balances both vata and kapha dosha, supports the digestive system, elimination of stool, kindles agni or digestive fire, and healthy gut.

Vidaryadi Leham

Vidaryadi Leham contains the herb vidarikanda which balances both vata and kapha dosha, strengthens muscles and nerves of upper body, and supports fatigue, pain and inflammation of the head.

Vilwadi Leham

Vilwadi Leham is an Ayurvedic herbal remedy used to support the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and acid peptic disease. It strengthens digestion and balances all three of the Doshas, especially Pitta Dosha. This leham also improves the absorption of nutrients from food.



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