Churnams: Herbal Powders

Churnams: Herbal Powders

by Kottakkal Support August 31, 2023


Churnams are both single herbs and multiple herbs that are based on traditional formulas from the Ayurvedic text. The fresh plant material is dried, ground and sifted through a fine sieve to form a fine light powder. The single churnams are combined to make the traditional Ayurvedic formulas. The fine herbal powders are mixed with warm water and easily absorbed into the body. 

Churnams are the basic components for making kashayams (herbal liquid), kwathams (herbal tablet), arishtams (fermented liquid herb), lehams (herbal jams), tailams (herbal oils), and ghritams (herbal ghees). Churnams are administered both internally and externally.  

There are five ways that herbs are extracted and processed for classical formulas. The five herbal extracts are called the pañca kaṣāya.

Pañca kaṣāya: five herbal extracts

  • Svarasa - fresh-squeezed plant juice 
  • Kalka - powdered herb prepared into a paste
  • Kvātha - boiled herbal decoction
  • Hima - cold herbal infusion
  • Phāṇṭa - warm herbal infusion

These are the most common methods of preparation but are not limited to these. Generally, kvātha or boiled decoction is utilized for internal churnams, and kalka or paste is utilized for external usage.

Available Churnams

Jatamayadi Churnam Jatamayadi Churnam is used topically to help lower excess vata and Kapha dosha. It supports swollen, inflamed, and painful joints. 
Ashwagandha Churnam Ashwagandha balances vata dosha and supports sleep, brain activity and the nervous system. It’s antioxidant qualities support the immune system and help to balance the stress hormones. 
Eladi Churnam The main herb is cardamom which helps to lower excess pitta and kapha dosha. It supports skin health, calms itching, redness, and swelling, while enhancing complexion. 
Guggulupanchapala Churnam The main herb Guggulu balances pitta and kapha dosha. When used externally this churnam soothes and supports skin and the anal area, and when taken internally supports swelling and inflammation. 
Dasanakanti Churnam Dasanakanti is an herbal tooth powder that supports the mouth, teeth and gums, The main herb Arimeda balances kapha dosha, calms swelling and inflammation, and supports healthy teeth and breath.
Nimbaharidradi Churnam The main herbs neem and turmeric help balance all three doshas. Nimbaharidradi supports skin health, calms itching, inflammation, oozing, and improves complexion. 
Rajanyadi Churnam The main herb turmeric helps balance all three doshas. Rajanyadi supports many health issues including indigestion, loose stool, high temperature and immunity. 
Brihat Vaiswanara Churnam The main herbs chitraka and haritaki balance kapha and pitta dosha, support digestive fire, removes ama from the stomach and is useful for cleansing. 
Saraswata Churnam The main herbs Brahmi and Shanka pushpi help balance vata dosha, supports healthy brain and nerve function, concentration and energy.
Hinguvachadi Churnam The main herb hing balances pitta and kapha dosha, supports digestive fire, calms gas, bloating, and abdominal pain.
Shaddharana Churnam The main herb chitraka helps balance vata and kapha dosha, removes ama from the digestive system, supports healthy digestion, and calms gas and bloating.
Ashta Churnam The main herb hing helps balance vata and pitta dosha, supports appetite and digestion, while calming bloating and gas. 
Rasnadi Churnam The main herb Rasnadi balances both vata and kapha dosha, helps expel kapha mucus from the nasal area while calming congested nasal pain.
Sitopaladi Churnam The main herb trikatu balances both kapha and vata dosha, helps expel kapha mucus from the chest area, soothes sore throat, and supports  breathing and respiratory health.
Vyoshadi Vatakam The main herb trikatu balances both kapha and vata dosha, helps expel kapha mucus from the chest area, soothes sore throat, and supports  breathing and respiratory health.
Haridrakhandam The main herb turmeric helps balance all three doshas, supports healthy immune system and respiratory system, removes the accumulated ama and congestion from the body. 
Thalisapatradi Vatakam The main ingredient is Thalisapatradi balances kapha dosha, removes ama and mucus from the stomach and chest region, supports digestive fire and immunity.
Triphaladi Churnam The main herbs are triphala and licorice which balances kapha and pitta dosha, cleanses ama and helps lower acid from the stomach, and supports eye health. 
Kottamchukkadi Churnam The main herbs are ginger and vacha and is mainly for kapha dosha, its hot potency helps to lower swelling and inflammation in the joints. This product is for external application only. 
Dadimashtaka Churnam The main herb is dadima (pomegranate) which balances both vata and kapha dosha, helps improve appetite, indigestion and loose stool.   
Amritamehari Churnam The main herbs are amrita and madhunashini which balances kapha dosha, helps lower high blood sugar, and supports the pancreas.  
Avipathi Churnam The main ingredient is trivrut which balances both pitta and kapha dosha, helps improve appetite and digestion, removes ama from the gut, and excess acidity from the liver. 
Shadangam Kwatha Churnam The main herb is chandan which has cooling qualities that balance pitta and is also helpful for kapha dosha. Chandan helps support fevers, excessive thirst, boosts appetite and digestion.



Kottakkal is committed to offering the highest quality Ayurvedic Healthcare. We offer two ways to have an Ayurvedic consultation. 1. Free 15-minute Consultation with our Ayurvedic practitioner, Julie Wardwell for when you need a product recommendation for a basic health problem. 2. In-depth Consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor, Vaidya Vishwanath Guddadar for when your condition is chronic with multiple symptoms.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Kottakkal Ayurveda products and information are not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. If you have serious, acute, or chronic health problems, please consult a trained health professional. If you are seeking the advice of a trained Ayurvedic professional, call (800) 215-9934 or email us at We will provide you with information to consult with Ayurvedic professionals. Always check with your doctor before taking herbs when pregnant or nursing.


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