Ayurvedic Oils for Bone and Joint Health

Ayurvedic Oils for Bone and Joint Health

by Julie Wardwell February 16, 2023


Ayurveda utilizes oils for their nourishing qualities that are moistening, protecting and penetrating. Whether oil is used externally or internally the goal is to nourish and moisten the skin or tissues. Most commonly sesame oil is the oil of choice, however coconut, castor, mustard and ghee are also very important because each has its own unique qualities and purpose.

Quality of Oils Bases on Internal Use

  • Sesame – heating, nourishing, penetrating
  • Coconut – cooling, protecting, moistening
  • Castor – heating, penetrating, eases pain
  • Mustard - heating, penetrating, reduces kapha
  • Ghee – cooling, nourishing, enhances the qualities of the herbs

Generally, oils that are heating are utilized for vata and kapha conditions and oils that are cooling are utilized for pitta conditions. Kottakkal’s five internal oils are made with sesame oil and are formulated to support, nourish and tone the muscles, bones, joints and nerves.

Herbal Supplements that Support Muscles, Joints, Bones and Nerves

  • Bala Oil SoftGel Capsules balances vata and pitta dosha and helps support nerves, muscles, and joints. With regular use, this oil helps nourish the nervous system and support the functional capacity of both the muscular and skeletal system.
  • Bala Oil Drops (10ml) are the same formula as the softgel capsules.
  • Dhanwantaram (101) SoftGel Capsules balances vata dosha, supports and nourishes vata disorders relating to muscles, bones, nerves, and joints. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
  • Dhanwantaram (101) Oil Drops (10ml) are the same formula as the softgel capsules.
  • Gandha Oil SoftGel Capsules balances vata dosha, nourishes the bones and supports the skeletal system. This oil supports the healing of fractured and weak bones.
  • Gandha Oil Drops (10ml) are the same formula as the softgel capsules.
  • Kshirabala (101) SoftGel Capsules balances both vata and pitta dosha, supports and nourishes muscles, bones, nerves, joints and is a nervine tonic. It is useful for supporting insomnia and functioning of the sense organs.
  • Kshirabala (101) Oil Drops (10ml) are the same formula as the softgel capsules.
  • Maharajaprasarini Oil SoftGel Capsules (100 capsules) balances vata dosha and is a very complex herbal formula that supports and nourishes the nerves, muscles, bones, and joints.

The dosage for each softgel gel capsule versus the drops is the same. Each softgel capsule contains 5 drops of oil. The drops should be added to a small amount of warm water.

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Julie Wardwell
Julie Wardwell

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