Arishtams and Asavams: Fermented Herbal Liquids

Arishtams and Asavams: Fermented Herbal Liquids

by Kottakkal Support September 14, 2023


Arishtams and Asavams are medicinal herbs processed by fermentation. The process of making an Arishtam or Asavam is lengthy and begins by boiling dried herbs in water to extract the medicinal qualities of the herbs. This is called an herbal decoction. 

Next the decoction is fermented by adding jaggery, sugar or honey. The sugar ferments and generates about 5% alcohol. The alcohol acts as a preservative and medium to further extract more medicinal qualities from the herbs. Arishtams and Asavams are very therapeutic and have been safely utilized by Ayurveda for a very long time.

Benefits of Arishtams and Asavams

  • Flavor is quite pleasant due to the sugar 
  • Enhances digestive power of agni
  • Eliminates accumulated ama
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients

      Arishtams and Asavams Have a Long Shelf Life

       Due to the fermentation process, Arishtams and Asavams have a long shelf life of up to ten years. As long as they are unopened, the seal is intact and stored at cool temperatures, they are considered better as they age. They are easy to carry and will not spoil during transport.

      Available Arishtams and Asavams

      Abhaya Arishtam Abhaya Arishtam balances vata and kapha dosha, removes ama from the gut, increases digestive fire, digests ama, eases gas and bloating in the stomach, and supports healthy colon. 
      Amrita Arishtam Amrita Arishtam balances pitta and kapha dosha, helps to lower body temperature, inflammation, and pain.     
      Ayaskriti Arishtam  Ayaskriti Arishtam balances kapha dosha, supports healthy iron in the blood, removes ama and meda, helps to maintain healthy weight and balance blood sugar and supports healthy skin. 
      Ashoka Arishtam Ashoka Arishtam balances both vata and pitta doshas and balances the female menstrual cycles and supports healthy conception. 
      Ashwagandha Arishtam  Ashwagandha Arishtam balances vata dosha, supports men's health, nourishes the muscles, nerves and bones, improves stamina and strength of the body. The main herb Aswagandha and is a well known nervine tonic and helps calm the mind.  
      Aragwadha Arishtam Aragwadha Arishtam balances both pitta and kapha dosha, the main herb aragwadha helps to remove ama from the gut and liver, supports healthy elimination of stool, reduces inflammation of the skin and enhances complexion. 
      Kutaja Arishtam Kutaja Arishtam balances pitta dosha, the main herb kutaja helps to remove ama from the gut, eases gas, bloating and pain from the digestive system and kindles digestive fire.  
      Kumarya Asavam  Kumarya Asavam balances all three doshas, the main herb aloe vera supports and nourishes the female reproductive system, especially the uterus and balances the menstrual cycles. 
      Khadira Arishtam Khadira Arishtam balances both pitta and kapha dosha, the main herb khadira supports healthy blood and liver, reduces skin inflammation and itching, supports healthy complexion. 
      Chitraka Asavam Chitraka Asavam balances both vata and kapha dosha, the main herb chitraka kindles digestive fire and digests ama, eases gas, bloating and heaviness in the gut. 
      Jiraka Arishtam  Jiraka Arishtam  balances both vata and pitta dosha, the main herb jiraka helps support healthy digestion, increase appetite, and eases gas, bloating and heaviness in the gut. 
      Dasamula Arishtam  Dasamula Arishtam balances both vata and kapha dosha, the main herb dasamula helps decrease congestion from the chest, eases breathing, supports cough and cold, and helps strengthen muscles,  nerves and joints. 
      Draksha Arishtam  Draksha Arishtam balances both pitta and kapha dosha, the main herb draksha lowers excess heat from the body, cools blood heat, calms bleeding in the body, and supports strength, stamina and energy. 
      Dhanwantara Arishtam Dhanwantara Arishtam balances both vata and pitta dosha, the main herbs are dasamula and ashwagandha which support and nourish the muscles, nerves, and bones, and helps reduce inflammation and pain. 
      Nimbamrita Asavam  Nimbamrita Asavam balances both vata and pitta dosha, the main herbs are neem and guduchi which help lower inflammation and pain, and support healthy joints, skin, and blood.  
      Arjuna Arishtam  Arjuna Arishtam balances all three doshas, the main ingredient is Arjuna which supports healthy heart and blood circulation, helps lower high cholesterol and blood pressure, and increases energy levels. 
      Loha Asavam Loha Asavam contains loha which is a Sanskrit word for iron, balances kapha dosha, helps maintain healthy weight, eases swelling and inflammation, and supports healthy skin. 
      Pippalyasavam  Pippalyasavam balances both vata and kapha dosha, the main herb pippalaya helps improve appetite and digestion, eases gas, bloating and heaviness, and removes ama from the gut. 
      Punarnava Asavam  Punarnava Asavam balances all three doshas, the main herb is punarnava which supports liver and kidney detox, and eases swelling and inflammation.
      Bala Arishtam  Bala Arishtam balances both vata and pitta dosha, the main herb bala mula nourishes muscles, nerves, bones and joints. It is a nervine tonic, and helps lower inflammation and pain. 
      Musta Arishtam Musta Arishtam balances both kapha and pitta, the main herb musta helps ease gas, bloating and heaviness in the gut, kindles digestive fire and digests ama. 
      Lodhra Asavam  Lodhra Asavam balances both pitta and kapha dosha, the main ingredient lodhra supports female health, improves digestion, supports healthy blood and iron levels, and reduces skin inflammation.
      Vasakadya Arishtam Vasakadya Arishtam balances both vata and kapha dosha, the main herb vasaka helps lower congestion in the chest, supports cough and cold symptoms, eases breathing and supports healthy lungs. 
      Saraswata Arishtam  Saraswata Arishtam balances both vata and kapha, the main herbs are brahmi juice and shank pushpi which support cognitive thinking, memory and concentration. According to Ayurveda history, this remedy was specially formulated by Lord Dhanvantari and can be used for both children and adults. It's ideal for people who read, talk or sing for long periods of time.
      Aravinda Asavam Aravinda Asavam balances all three doshas, the main herb is Aravinda (lotus flower) which supports children's health for all conditions, especially helps digestion, low appetite and body weight. 
      Sudarsana Asavam  Sudarsana Asavam balances pitta dosha, the main herb is kiratatikta which helps lower body temperature, and has antiviral and antibacterial properties. 



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