Linda Rowe

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Linda Rowe lives in northern Maine in a rural community along the Canadian border. She lives off grid and, in the woods, where she can be constantly reminded of the Ayurvedic principles and the Laws of Nature as they are all around her.

Linda has a B.A. in Speech Communication and an M.A. in Higher Education Administration. A strong interest in natural healing modalities ran parallel to all her academic/professional endeavors finally leading her to yoga and ayurveda. Her 26+ years of practicing, studying, and teaching yoga along with her desire to help people access their healing ability inevitably led her to study ayurveda.

Linda’s Ayurveda journey is an eclectic one. She began with the self-motivated reading of whatever books she could find in the late ’90s. Then, in 2004, she did distance study with Maya Tiwari at Wise Earth School of Ayurveda where she learned the power of breath, sound, and food. In 2012 she completed the Ayurvedic Practitioner level at New World Ayurveda with Dr. Paul Dugliss where she learned the clinical aspect as well as the intricacies of the mind in Ayurveda. Linda continued her studies at Āyu Academy receiving exposure to the classical texts and Sanskrit. Most recently, she is wrapping up her studies with Dr. Anusha Sehgal, BAMS MD (Āyurveda) of Boston Ayurveda, Inc. where all previous study has been brought together to be amalgamated into a coherent body of knowledge to share.


"Linda provides a deep understanding of and clear facility for articulating the subtle interconnections between mind, body, and spirit. An Ayurvedic session with her is an exploration into the rhythms that underlie external and internal changes and the process of discovering those supports that bring us into better alignment. The formula she suggested to help me achieve this was exactly right!"

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