Curriculum – Ayurveda Lifestyle Guru Program

(1200 hours)

Kottakkal Ayurveda USA Gurukul’s unique offering is the new Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guru Program. It is designed as a continuing 1-year program (or part-time over 2-3 years at the student’s pace), for an in-depth study and practical training, for each of the following top 10 prevalent lifestyle related health concerns in our society and how Ayurvedic knowledge can alleviate them. Eligible for the Students who have completed the Ayurveda Counselor & Ayurveda Practitioner programs, Students can elect any 1 Elective for their specializations, each year. At the end of each year a new Certificate shall be awarded in each of the completed specializations. These electives maybe spread out over years or maybe limited to just one specialization.

These electives delve deeply into each of the main prevalent Lifestyle Diseases, providing students with the opportunity to specialize in their chosen field. With our extensive selection of elective courses, taught by both MDs & Ayurveda Acharya’s, students can tailor their education to suit their individual Healthcare career streams & passions.

The corresponding Certificate issued at the successful completion of each year will be Ayurveda Diabetes Guru, Ayurveda Arthritis Guru, etc.

• Advanced Lifestyle Courses (800 hours)


  • Advanced diabetes management strategies
  • Lifestyle & Dietary approaches for blood sugar control


  • Holistic approaches to managing joint pain and inflammation
  • Ayurvedic remedies for arthritis relief


  • Healing the gut: strategies for managing digestive disorders
  • Herbal remedies for gastritis and related gastrointestinal issues

Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Gut-brain connection: addressing stress and its impact on IBS
  • Integrative approaches to managing IBS symptoms


  • Bowel health and regularity: natural remedies and lifestyle interventions
  • Dietary and lifestyle strategies for promoting healthy digestion

Migraine headaches

  • Holistic approaches to migraine prevention and management
  • Mind-body techniques for migraine relief

Anxiety and depression

  • Integrative approaches to mental health and well-being
  • Ayurvedic therapies for managing anxiety and depression

High cholesterol

  • Heart health and cholesterol management: dietary and lifestyle interventions
  • Herbal remedies for cholesterol regulation


  • Thyroid health and holistic management strategies
  • Ayurvedic perspectives on thyroid disorders


  • Weight management strategies: diet, exercise, and behavior modification
  • Herbal remedies and Ayurvedic approaches to supporting weight loss

By selecting electives aligned with their interests and professional goals, students can deepen their understanding of specific health concerns while gaining practical skills and insights to complement their core studies in Ayurveda and conventional Healthcare.

Clinical Internship and Practicum (300 hours) – In India & in the US

  • Supervised clinical observation and hands-on training (200 hours)
  • Practicing Ayurvedic consultations under supervision (100 hours)

By engaging with our program, you will become a leader in understanding these conditions through both modern medical insights and the principles of Ayurveda. Upon completion, you will be equipped with the expertise to confidently tackle these health challenges head-on.

Research methodologies in each of these 10 Lifestyle diseases (100 hours)

In addition to gaining a deep understanding of these 10 prevalent health issues, we also incorporate research methodologies focused on each disease, each year. You will learn how to critically analyze data, conduct literature reviews, and explore evidence-based approaches to better comprehend and address these conditions effectively. Through practical applications and hands-on experience, you will develop the skills needed to contribute to ongoing research efforts aimed at advancing our understanding and treatment of these lifestyle diseases.