Vaidya Vishwanath Guddadar


An in-depth Ayurvedic Health Consultation Includes:
• One hour online consultation to identify the root causes of your health condition
• Understand your dominant dosha from birth: vata, pitta or kapha
• Discover which dosha/s are out of balance and causing your condition
• Personalized Ayurvedic wellness plan food and lifestyle modifications
• Seasonal and daily activities to improve your strength and immunity
• Herbal protocol to first cleanse and then rejuvenate your health
• Continued support through unlimited emails, chat or phone to ensure the best results

Vaidya Vishwanath has spent his career healing clients with classical Ayurveda. Below is an overview of his long career in the science of Ayurveda

• Ayurveda consultant, assistant manager trainer, and at the Chopra Center and Spa at Dream in New York City from 2008 to 2012. Worked with Deepak Chopra, one of the world’s foremost authorities on mind & body balance, holistic harmony, and physical wellness.
• Ayurveda Lead at YO1 Wellness Center, New York.
• Wellness Specialist at Param Wellness in New Jersey
• National Government of India Licensed Ayurvedic Consultant and certified Yoga practitioner
• Postgraduate degrees in preventive cardiology in Ayurveda and Panchakarma, proficiency in Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medicine and surgery from Pune University, Madhavbaug Institute of Medical Education Research, and Bangalore University.
• Chief Ayurvedic Consultant at Samkkya Centre for Natural Health & Healing in Kuala Lumpur
• Ayurveda consultant at Al Nahda Resort and Spa, Muscat, Oman, Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy, Kerala, India, and more
• Conducted workshops at Columbia University, virtually and across the world
• Generated formulas for Ayurvedic products

Read his full resume here.

Ayurvedic science does not create wellness plans based only on your physical symptoms. Ayurveda practitioners see every individual as unique physically and mentally, and a wellness plan should be unique as well.

An Ayurvedic consultation with Vaidya Vishwanath will help you understand the root cause of your chronic health condition as well as provide you with the best protocol for fast relief from the discomfort it causes you.

Vaidya Vishwanath uses Ayurvedic methods to create your wellness plan, such as Dashvidha pariksha (10 types of examination) and Astavidha pariksha (8 types of examination) to understand you and your health condition.

He will also collect detailed information about your daily routine, seasonal routine, diet, lifestyle, and stress level in order to holistically analyze your health. Then he will give guidelines to address those issues and bring harmony to your mind and body.

According to Vaidya Vishwanath, mind & body balance does not come just by taking herbal supplements. A wholesome Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, home remedies, and traditional Ayurvedic products are necessary for a healthy life.

The process is easy! Simply book your consultation with Vaidya Vishwanath and gain access to a detailed online dosha quiz and health questionnaire before meeting with him from wherever you are in the world.

One hour initial consultation: $170.00
Follow up consultation: $95.00

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